Why I Changed My View On Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore
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On November 9, 2017 with just about a month left until the Alabama 2017 Senate Special Election, The Washington Post published a story accusing Republican Nominee Judge Roy Moore of a Sexual Encounter with a 14-year-old female in 1979, when he was 32 years old. Leigh Corfman outlined her encounter with Roy Moore who at the time was an Assistant District Attorney. She stated that two dates had taken place, and on the second date is when the alleged sexual encounter took place. Since then 3 more women had come forward and said that Roy Moore had pursed relationships with them while they were between the ages of 16 and 19, but did not pursue a sexual relationship with them.

When the story first broke I backed Judge Moore. I believed that these were politically motivated claims. It was just over a month until the election, and these allegations were decades old. I wondered why did these women not come forward previously? Judge Moore had been in politics for years. He has run for multiple positions. I even expressed my support on Twitter for Judge Moore.

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On November 13, 2017 I kept expressing my support for Judge Moore. I said that Mitch McConnell needed to be investigated along with the DNC, and other Republicans who did not want Moore to be the nominee from the beginning. The around 4PM I publicly switched my view after watching the Press Conference of another victim Beverly Young Nelson. She was 16 at the time of the incident, but stated that he had sexually assaulted her after accepting a ride from the DA at the time Roy Moore. She states that he stopped the car and began groping her, reaching over her locking the door and grabbing her neck forcing it into his crotch. She stated that this was in no way Politically motivated as her and her husband supported Donald Trump for President. That was sign one for me that this was true. The argument that this had to do with politics was out at this point. She also stated that she would testify UNDER OATH in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the events that occurred. That was another sign for me, and that’s when my view changed.

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I believe that as Conservatives we must unite against what is wrong. It is time we start taking sexual assault seriously, and it is time we stop allowing people to have a pass because they hold positions of power. Beverly Nelson stated that he told her on that horrifying night that she was just a child and he was the District Attorney and that if he said anything nobody would believe her. When we try to disregard claims of sexual assault it makes more women want to keep the secret because they believe they will not be taken seriously. Only 2%-8% of all sexual assault accusations are false, and if you can do math that means that between 92%-98% of accusations are true, and we disregard them… Are you freaking kidding me?

Many Republicans will continue to support Judge Moore and that is their right. It is also up to the Alabama Voters on who they elect. But I ask the Alabama voters to think before you go to the polls on December 12th. I ask that you look at these accusations and realize that the evidence is there. I am not asking you to give up your beliefs and vote for Doug Jones, but I ask for you to do a write-in. The GOP Leaders are looking at different solutions including a write-in option since Judge Moore can’t be taken off the ballot at this point.

Republicans and Democrats need to come together on this issue. Sexual Assault and in the case of the first accuser pedophilia is not a political or partisan issue. It’s a Human Rights Issue.

If he is elected to the United States Senate I will stand in support of Colorado Republican Senator and Chairman Of The National Republican Senatorial Committee as he will call for the United States Senate to expel Judge Moore from the United States Senate.