About The Founder

Hey everyone!

My name is Dakota Moyer, and I am a 21 year old active Republican Activist. I am from a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am currently attending Montgomery County Community College, majoring in Political Science. I am a supporter of President Donald Trump, and Vice-President Michale Pence.

I have always had an interest in Politics, but the 2016 election made me passionate about it. I am a strong supporter of our Conservative Christian Values, and will fight for the  every single day. I will fight the Liberal Agenda that is pushed every single day by the MSM, Educational Institutes, and Liberal Organizations around the country. I will fight every day to preserve Capitalism and Free Speech.

I was born and raised Catholic, and I will continue to grow up following the Catholic ideologies. I fight everyday, and will continue to fight every single day for the Pro-Life Movement. We cannot keep killing our future generations. If Babies could vote they would vote Pro-Life!

I am a strong advocate for our LGB Community, and at the same time a strong advocate for Religious Freedom. I applauded our Conservative Supreme Court in 2015 when they legalized Same-Sex Marriage in all 50 states. I also applauded the religious Institutions that refuse to marry Same-Sex Couples because they do not agree with them. No Government should force anybody, any institution, or any business to cater to people they disagree with. While being an LGB Advocate I refuse to normalize the Mental Illness known as Gender Dysphoria otherwise known as the T in LGBT. Transgenderism is not something that this country should normalize.

I support President Trumps closed border policy, and yes I WANT THE WALL! I do not support amnesty, instead I support deportations of all Illegal Immigrants. Saying we should only deport illegals with a criminal record is ridiculous because every single one of them has a criminal record. The charge you may ask? COMING TO AMERICA ILLEGALLY.

I support cutting taxes down to a flat tax, but would really love to eliminate all taxes. I believe in the GOP Tax Plan.

I do not like or trust Hillary Clinton or the DNC. In fact I actually trust a daycare ran by Casey Anthony, Flint Michigan tap water, and Bill Cosby as a bartender more than I trust Hillary Clinton or the DNC.

I stand for the Pledge and Kneel for the Cross. I am politically incorrect and proud of it. If I offend you I only have one thing to say….. Get a fucking backbone!

My plan is to one day run for Political Office, and WIN. I want to help reform America for the better, and I want to help push through the Conservative Agenda.

I am a no limited kind of guy, and this is a no limits kind of Blog. I am excited to start this journey and hopefully it can become something more than just a blog!