Hey Everyone!!!

For months I have been contemplating starting a Political Blog. Politics is my favorite subject, and I am majoring in it at college right now. I am very active on Twitter and post my thoughts on their every single day, and I will continue to do so, but I figured that it was time to expand on my activism. It is time that I start expanding on my thoughts and sharing them in more detail with everyone. I also want to help give other people a chance to share their thoughts to everyone. Share opinions and help spread the Conservative message the way they see it. Thats why today is such a big day!

Today I have launched the beginning steps of Conservative’96. It is right now starting out as a one man operation, Me, Myself, and I, but I am hoping to expand quickly on the people involved! Millennial Conservatives are silenced on most Social Media platforms because they are run by the Liberal Elites of the World. Those Liberal Elites have a following of the Millennial Generation like no other. We are silenced on College Campuses by the Liberal Administrators, and we are silenced by the everyday Liberals across the country. Today with the launch of Conservative’96 I am giving a voice to those who are silenced. Together we are a force stronger than no other, and we can end the silence!

If you are interested in becoming apart of the Conservative’96 Team please use the Contact form on the Page, or send me a Direct Message on Twitter which is linked to the page!